Login DataProtect

One small monthly service fee and no signifigant up front costs ensures your data is being backed up as it should!

Login DataProtect is a complete business disaster recovery service, which provides managed secure offsite data backup and data storage solutions. Combined with comprehensive disaster recovery experience and expertise, we can ensure your disaster recovery plans can be achieved and verified to ensure optimal business continuity.

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Why backup online?

Online backups are the easiest and surest way to protect your data. Backing up to an offsite server ensures that you can recover your data, even in a case of physical disaster, theft or loss. Online backups also eliminate many of the error prone steps associated with other backup methods. Users can restore ‘point in time’ versions of files without loading tapes one after the other. With our online backup solution, your data is encrypted and compressed even before it leaves your computers. After the first full backup, only incremental block level changes are sent – optimising band width and storage usage.