Backup & Disaster Recovery

Login Systems provides a comprehensive range of managed backup services and data protection solutions. 

We partner with world leaders in Data protection to provide your business with the most reliable and cost-effective data backup and disaster recovery solutions available.

Whather it’s on premise Servers, cloud servers or cloud hosted Application like Microsoft 365, Login systems has a backup and data recovery solution that will provide your business with piece of mind.

Login Systems
On-Premise Backup Solution

On-Premise Backup Solution

Login Systems partners with Veeam to provide the On-Premise backup Solution and unitise there Backup & Replication Software as it is the industry-leading backup, recovery and data security solution for all your workloads, both on-premises and in the cloud. As the foundation of Veeam Data Platform, Veeam Backup & Replication delivers secure, powerful and reliable data protection. Eliminate downtime with Instant Recovery and stay safe from cyberthreats with native immutability and tested backups, all from a software-defined, hardware-agnostic solution.

Off-site Cloud Backup Solution

Login DataProtect is a complete business disaster recovery service, which provides managed secure offsite data backup and data storage solutions. Combined with comprehensive disaster recovery experience and expertise, we can ensure your disaster recovery plans can be achieved and verified to ensure optimal business continuity.

Why backup online? Online backups are the easiest and surest way to protect your data. Backing up to an offsite server ensures that you can recover your data, even in a case of physical disaster, theft or loss. Online backups also eliminate many of the error prone steps associated with other backup methods. Users can restore ‘point in time’ versions of files without loading tapes one after the other. With our online backup solution, your data is encrypted and compressed even before it leaves your computers. After the first full backup, only incremental block level changes are sent – optimising band width and storage usage.

Off-site Cloud Backup Solution
Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

Manage Microsoft 365 backups and recoveries from the same unified dashboard as servers and workstations. Protect critical data stored in Microsoft 365 Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint with one integrated solution.

 Microsoft 365 backup is designed to offer an additional layer of protection against data loss for your Microsoft 365 users. Retain and restore data from the same web-based dashboard you use to protect servers and workstations, saving you time and improving efficiency. Check out the feature sheet for more information.

Backup Exchange Online: Automatically back up Exchange mailboxes, contacts, and calendars up to six times a day.

Backup SharePoint and OneDrive: Protect SharePoint sites and permissions, including custom and sub-libraries, as well as OneDrive data and permissions with up to four backups a day.

Microsoft 365 Backup retention retains backups for seven years, even for inactive accounts.

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