Cloud & Servers

Login Systems can provide your business a wide arrange of option to host your Business Application and Systems.

Login Systems partners with the two leading Server manufactures in the world being Dell and HP and also the two Leading Cloud providers Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

We can supply, support and maintenance all your Server infrastructure, whether its physical devices onsite or cloud based servers we have the expertise to make sure they are online 24/7 and running at their optimum.

Login Systems
Login Systems
Login Systems
Login Systems
Server Installation & Deployment

Server Installation & Deployment

The Login Systems team of certified server engineers can help your business with deploying an on-premise server infrastructure, cloud-hosted virtual environment or a hybrid implementation. We carefully assess your organization’s technological requirements to determine the appropriate systems, services and resources your business demands. Our team of experts are highly experienced with the server deployment process and system resource configurations. We are also well-versed with the installation and configuration of many server roles, such as: Domain Controllers, Application Servers, Remote Gateway Servers, File Servers and much more. Regardless of your business size or industry, our primary focus is to design a robust infrastructure that meets your business needs for today and in the future; all while maintaining industry-leading best practices.

Server Migration

Our team possesses the experience and expertise your business requires to execute a successful and seamless server migration project. Whether your business is making a strategic move to an on-cloud hosted environment or needs assistance with an on-premises server migration, we have you covered. At Login, we begin with a thorough assessment of your existing environment to account for all mission-critical systems and services. This critical phase provides us with an accurate inventory assessment of all services, roles and resources that require migration, while ensuring compatibility with the proposed environment. Next, our team initiates the migration process which includes server roles installation, data migration, resource allocation, application configuration and more. Finally, we perform rigorous testing of the new environment to ensure operational reliability and success.

Server Migration
Server Management & Server Maintenance

Server Management & Server Maintenance

Login Systems recognizes the importance of managing and maintaining your server environment to ensure its continuous health, performance, reliability and security. As a small business ourselves, we understand the critical roles servers play within our own environment and take every step to ensure our client’s servers and resources are managed in an efficient manner. We offer professional server management services for both physical and virtual environments, both of which require a high-level of supervision to run at an optimum level. Our server management services include OS patching, upgrades, migrations, virtualizations and more.

Server Upgrades

Regardless of your business setting, Login Systems can help your business achieve its unique technological goals. Whether your existing server requires a hardware upgrade or is reaching its end of life and requires an operating system upgrade, we stand ready to help. Don’t wait for your server’s outdated hardware or unsupported software to disrupt your mission-critical systems and operations. At Login, we take every step to ensure that the server upgrade process is performed in a seamless and coordinated manner with reduced downtime to your production environment. 

Server Upgrades
Active Directory (AD) Management

Active Directory (AD) Management

Active Directory (AD) services play a critical role within your organization’s IT environment. AD services are responsible for user and computer authentication, along with permission assignments and global policy implementations. Poorly designed AD policies can have a devastating impact on your environment and often require costly solutions to remediate. You can rely on our team of certified experts to achieve and even exceed your expectations from the very beginning. Our Active Directory Management services include review and implementation of security policies, password management, AD auditing, backup and recovery and much more.

IT Support

  • Onsite & Remote Support
  • IT Infrastructure Projects
  • IT Strategy & Consultancy
  • Hardware & Software Procurement

IT Security

  • End Point Detection & Response
  • Network Security & Firewalls
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Essential 8 & Compliance
  • Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • Cloud-Based Web Filtering

Backup & Recovery

  • On-premise Backup Solutions
  • Off-site Cloud Backup Solutions
  • Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Microsoft 365

  • Email
  • SharePoint
  • Office 365
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Advanced Threat Protection

Cloud & Servers

  • On-premise Servers
  • Cloud Hosted Servers
  • Cloud Hosted Applications


  • Phone Systems / VOIP
  • Internet Services
  • Networking & WIFI

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