Not for profit organisations

Not for profit organisations

“We focus on providing effective IT solutions, allowing you to focus on serving the communities around you.”

Login Systems understand that as a charitable organisation you have a different dynamic to a regular business. We have intimate knowledge of the benefits and resources available to Not for Profit Organisations and are experienced at implementing IT strategies to improve the success of your organisation. We pay attention to your needs and work in your interest to bridge the gap between a caring philosophy and commercial environment to achieve the most successful outcomes for your organisation.


Charitable Organisations


Health Services



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Trade Associations


Public Arts Organisations

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Healthcare and medical

“Let us maintain the health of your IT network, leaving you free to focus on your number 1 priority… the health of your patients.”

Login Systems deploy and manage reliable IT solutions for the Medical and Healthcare Sector. We understand the smooth running of your environment is paramount.

Medical Cloud Services, Networking Multiple Sites, Centralised Databases, Medical Records Storage Solutions, Practice Management Systems, Medical Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery.

Healthcare and medical
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Community Health Services

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Aged Care Services

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Medical Clinics



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Education and training

Education and training

“We free up your staff to do what they do best…teach”

The education and training sector is a fast moving, ever changing environment that requires specialist knowledge and skills, working within tight timeframes to deliver sustainable, leading edge solutions. As your IT partner, we provide effective school management and support, implementing individual solutions to best suit your distinct needs. We have a great deal of expertise associated with multiple users and networking multiple sites, providing a monitored, secure and stable network for your students.


Network Monitoring

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Multiple User Access


Disaster Recovery

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Unified Communications

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Help Desk


“Outsource your IT needs and start reaping the rewards”

We excel in helping corporate businesses get more out of their IT spend.

Having a full time in-house IT employee or department is not always the most efficient way to get the most out of your IT environment. By partnering with Login Systems and outsourcing all or part of your IT requirements you can reap the following rewards:


Cost benefits

Generally it is cheaper to outsource IT functions than to have full time employees


Get specialist knowledge

and advice from our trained technicians across a broad range of technologies, internal IT staff tend to stagnate continually working in one IT environment

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Save money

by not spending funds on consultants to cover the skill shortage in the IT area

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Have your staff do what they do best

without having to worry about IT issues

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Don’t let you core business suffer

due to failing, ageing or unreliable IT equipment



“Less downtime means more productivity, increasing your bottom line.”

In the manufacturing industry a highly dependable, efficient network is imperative. We understand that downtime is costly and that your business requires IT stability. Login Systems is a proactive, cost effective, practical addition to your business. We have total focus on your needs to ensure that our IT initiatives meld with your business objectives. We have intimate knowledge and experience with specific industry software and programs. Let us consult with 3rd parties on your behalf to evaluate and make recommendations. We provide structured, long term sustainable solutions, ensuring information flows freely, securely and continuously throughout your extended enterprise resulting in productivity and profitability.


“We invest time and effort to understand your business, partnering with you to provide IT solutions that streamline and enhance functionality.”

Transportation is a sector heavily reliant on effective IT, it underpins your business enabling you to respond to rapidly changing markets. We invest time and effort to understand your business, to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the processing of information thereby resulting in enhanced competencies, reduced costs and increased responsiveness. We have a great deal of expertise associated with multiple users and networking multiple sites, providing you with a monitored, secure and stable platform from which to focus on core business competencies.