Login Alerts

Login Alerts Server Monitoring

Login Alerts Server Monitoring

Watches over the key parts of the Server that can cause the most hassles and alerts us to any issues so we can fix them fast, before they become bigger problems causing costly downtime. By offering centralised monitoring of your Servers it provides both you and our Support Team peace of mind that key systems and their sub components are operating as they should.

Login Alerts Workstation Monitoring

Provides a 360° view of what’s going on with the end user devices on your network and allows us to stay on top of critical systems such as Anti-virus, Software updates and maintenance tasks. Our Alerts agent functions whether your staff are on the go or in the office.

Login Alerts Services are an integral component in supporting your business IT environment and comprise of Server Monitoring & Workstation Monitoring 

Server Security

Safeguard business information from malicious attack by ensuring Anti Virus/Malware Software is up to date. Check that Server Backups run successfully and help ensure data is safe. Monitor Patch Management Status (WSUS) ensuring critical updates are installed so that servers are protected against compromise. Receive alerts to attempted unauthorized logons so you can prevent attacks on your network.

Hardware and Disk

Keep hardware costs to a minimum, and prevent costly downtime: Ensure your Servers’ RAID disk subsystem is functioning 100% and replace disks before valuable business data is lost. Keep on top of relevant hardware performance such as Server Fan Speed and Temperatures, Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), Power Supplies, External Disks, and more.

Remotely Monitor All Aspects of Performance

We are alerted to performance bottlenecks or problems with critical server resources, so we can fine tune or upgrade server components and keep running smoothly. Disk Space – Drive Space – Disk Space Consumption – Folder and File Sizes – Windows Services – Start stopped remotely services through our Dashboard – Exchange Server – Performance: Processor Health, Memory Usage, Network Interface, Physical Disk.

Server Roles/Applications

Check that your server is fulfilling the roles it’s configured for. Including email, web server, DHCP/login server, and database server.

Business Critical Applications and Customized Software

Check custom applications and interfaces to monitor applications most important to the business using Event Log Checks or File Size check.


Daily and weekly summary reports can be configured to email to our customers for review.

Integrated Support

Optional seamless integration into Login Systems job system management platform ensures that clients can have the peace of mind that detected issues are automatically identified and addressed by our team of Support Engineers.

Managed Anti-virus & Security Platform

Provides Desktop antivirus, workstation monitoring, asset tracking, full Microsoft and other vendor patch management (software updates).

Workstation Agent

This virtually eliminates workstation maintenance as it is also configured to perform additional maintenance tasks including scheduled hard drive defragmentation and temp file clean-ups, etc.