Login UCS

Login UCS

Looking for fast and secure data communications between your branch offices? LoginUCS can ensure you get the right solution.

Login Unified Communications Solutions (UCS) provides businesses with a technology partner that can deploy, manage and maintain all aspects of business voice and data communications.

Data Connectivity Solutions

LoginUCS provides custom managed IP/data connectivity solutions based on our knowledge of clients IT requirements combined with our industry knowledge and partnerships. Because we are not aligned to any one network or data wholesaler, we can offer clients the best overall solution. LoginUCS is uniquely placed to provide IP data communications solutions, be it a single remote site, national network or international VPN solution.

Video conferencing

We utilise a superior data network to provide accessible, multipoint, high definition video conferencing over the internet, general and wider area data networks, using off the shelf devices.It provides all the advantages of a traditional software based solution whilst providing a superior breadth of coverage, extraordinary quality and substantial financial savings. It is accessible to all and moves multipoint Video Conferencing out of 4 walls and into a new era of infinite communications. NO STUTTER – NO LAG!!

Voice Switch/PABX Services

LoginUCS has extensive expertise in the implementation and ongoing support of business critical PABX phone systems. At present our team are certified in the Avaya/Nortel BCM and Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office PABX platforms as well as several VoIP PABX/Trunking vendors. Our intimate IP and networking knowledge gives us an edge to our ongoing support, particularly in the VoIP market that traditional PABX providers cannot match. Our data connectivity solutions are backed up by real world IT expertise which goes well beyond the standard sales engineering offered by most providers. Combined with our ability to backup our services with real end-to-end support, our clients can rest easy that they won’t find themselves in the middle of a war-of-words between IT consultants and providers.

VoIP Integration

LoginUCS is positioned to provide unbiased advice and consulting as clients consider the move to VoIP and unified communications platforms. While our extensive IT background provides us the skills and knowledge to reliably provide VoIP infrastruture and services, it also gives us the knowledge to know when VoIP is going to provide a real world advantage versus the glossy sales pitches that most voice providers promise.